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Paint Palette - Cloverdale Paint Colour Palette

Relax! It's easy. You can select your colours in the comfort of your home or office.  Online Cloverdale Paint Colour Palette


You can also download this 21-page for ideas and to view all the colours Cloverdale has to offer click here for a complete Cloverdale Paint Palette PDF.

Colour Matching: Producing colours for the latest style or fashion is an "art" that requires a trained eye. At Cloverdale Paint, we've been perfecting this art for over 75 years, and these time-tested techniques are passed on to each of our employees. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your colour needs, no matter how unique. Bring in your favourite colour... a paint chip, fabric sample... whatever... With the most current colour matching computers and our expertly trained, experienced staff, we can match almost any colour. Our experts provide the very best in Colour Matching everyday, we have to, our customer base of professional painters and designers demand it. Bring in your favourite colour sample today!

We are authorized distributors for a number of brand name paint manufacturers. For your convenience, we have provided links to some of our suppliers. To view our supplier website go to our paint & accessories product catalogue then click on the supplier logo.

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