All Weather Windows Series 9000 Box Frame Casement/Awning

All Weather Windows Series 9000 Box Frame Casement/Awning

Our Price: $199.99

Suggested Retail Price: $249.00

Product Code: AWW-01005

Add a new dimension to your home and transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom-designed Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium from Vinylbilt. They're economical and built to last.
Standard Solar-Bond or Custom Colours
All Vinylbilt windows are available in a variety of colours to match or complement any decor or exterior. Polyurethane acrylic paint finishes are weather and fade-resistant and come with a 15 year Solar-Bond Exterior Colour warranty. Choose from 6 standard colours or an endless rainbow of custom colours - you decide.
Vinylbilt aluminum framing
Hinged roof
Crank hardware
Glass shelf (optional)
Full screen with overlapping frame
Insulated seat
heavy duty scissor action roof hardware
Lever lock
3/4" white "S" class super spacer
Optional extended jamb

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