All Weather Windows - Series 6500 Titan/Tritan Glider

All Weather Windows - Series 6500 Titan/Tritan Glider

Product Code: AWW-01001

6500 Series Titan / Tritan Glider Features Titan PVC windows take the performance of windows to a new level. Their one-piece frame gives the windows better strength and durability, and improves resistance to water and air infiltration. Placement of the sealed unit at the centre of the frame offers enhanced energy performance and long-term structural integrity. The Tritan, a tri-pane version of our Titan PVC windows, pushes the energy efficiency of our Titan series to a much higher level. Like our other PVC windows, the Titan features a multi-chamber PVC extrusion to provide improved insulation and a PVC "drip lip" to force water to drip away from your wall.

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